The Vera Bluebell Farm

The farm is located on the Snowdon mountain massif on a North-facing hillside being windswept by Atlantic storms. Harsh conditions have not allowed farming as you know it. It took a decade of observation and a fire to clear the land in order to reveal the abundance of bluebells on the hill. Using the bluebells as a means to generate livelihoods may be feasible and Vera Bluebell limited aims to do just that through licensed harvesting from a wild bluebell population and making available seeds and bulbs for sale.

On this website you will find information relating to different aspects of sustainable bluebell farming. We would like to encourage you to contact us with your requests for information, advice and orders. Bluebells are a treasure of the British countryside, after all half the worlds population of native bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) is located on the British Isles.